Please learn to drive!

8-1013tm-cart-business2How is it some people have never learned the basics when it comes to driving a car? I thought they tested on those things? Some I wish they did, like merging or proper use of blinkers. How about how mirrors work. The text that says “things are closer than they appear” should also include “there is a blind spot”. As a public service announcement I would like to say that merging on to the highway does require you to get up to a speed that is close to the traffic on the highway so you can come into the lane and not make everyone on the highway slam on the brakes! It is also not required to stop and wait till everyone else has gone home before you then decide to get on the highway. I would also like to add to the general training schedule a roundabout and large mall parking lot. But of course the only thing that is happening is the giving of more licenses to people who shouldn’t have them.

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