Maybe I need to learn Gibberish?

Do You Speak English Sign Showing Language LearningI sat in a meeting today in which I could swear, the people leading the meeting were not speaking English. It seemed more like gibberish or maybe Klingon, it was after all an IT meeting. It wasn’t that the technology they were speaking about was hard to understand. It wasn’t that the meeting was about being compliant with a technology security standard. No it was that everyone had to have something to say and was doing their best to make sure whatever area they were responsible for wasn’t getting picked on as a weakness. A few puffed up like a peacock, some tried to baffle with ….. While I was there representing my area the best thing I did in that meeting was to sit quietly and get other work done. When I give my update to my boss who couldn’t attend, I am not sure what I will tell him. I just have a hard time translating it into English.

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