Lessons learned verses Lessons lived.

I love catching up with old friends. There are so many people I used to work with that I wish I could sit down with and ask what they are up to? The problem is I have to work for a living. Time slips away from me and the next thing I know I have not seen them in years. People I considered some of my best friends I don’t even know where they live let alone what is going on in their lives. I wish I could bring them all together so I would not have to tell them all what is going on all at one time. Each one I talk to is like seeing a tree branch. Each of us at one time was on the same trunk now like a tree we have branch out to different places. Some of them have gone on to great things; others have had a rough go of it. To me though all of them have grown in some way that has taught them lessons I need to learn. Life lived seem to give us perspectives we don’t get just looking from the outside. My hope is I will learn from their story and not have to only learn by getting knocked on the head like I usually do.

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