Life in Bulk

Do you belong to a club or warehouse store? You know the ones where you can buy food and other things in quantities adequate for dinosaur usage. I love buying things in giant multi-packs but lets face it there are things that just shouldn’t be bought in bulk. Things like toilet paper are awesome to have, but when you have a case of it lying around you end up using it to do other things like oil spills in the garage or TPing the neighbor’s house. Toothpaste make great spackling paste in a pinch. Other things end up on your shelf for years until you don’t remember what you bought them for. I found a box of granola bars that had fallen behind the shelf with an expiration date from before we moved in the house. There isn’t much use for the chilli we all ate for a few months now that we are tired of it. The cans make a good door stop thou and the Ortega chills are fine but we will never use that many. The opposite is also true, I can’t believe we can go through that much cheese in a month and the Peanut butter doesn’t stand a chance.

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