Life is kicking my rear!

Do you ever have those times when you feel like Job from the Bible? Ok, so my house didn’t collapse and my family is ok, but I feel like life’s punching bag! I turn around and pow! another punch to the face. It isn’t like it has always been like that, I was on a nice role for a while. Things were good, my job was easy, and nothing seemed to out of kilter, then bang! Cars break down, pets get sick, expenses start building up. What changed? Other than time and a few job changes not much is different, yet the life feels like a wheel-shaped like an egg. I was going along on the smooth rounded end and now I am coming up to the more pointed part. Life has always seemed like a wheel to me with parts seeming to fly by smoothly and others like a flat tire. It has also always seem to come back around to the opposite of the part you are in now. Times of struggle and time of ease they don’t last for ever and many times they disguise themselves as the other. It really isn’t until we get through them that we can evaluate which one they were. I know in my life times of trouble have often been my greatest time when looked at years down the road. It is just hard to have that perspective when the glove is blocking your view!

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