Looks are Deceiving.

When I hear a person for the first time I get a mental picture of what they look like. Maybe not a clear picture but at least by their voice I think they should look a certain way. You know if they have a deep voice I expect some giant six-foot six three hundred pound guy. Rarely does it match up when I meet them or see them for the first time. I got the card of a contractor who could rebuild our barn, when I think contractor, I think older guy with paint stains on his pants, rough hands and a hand shake that crushes your hand. I have met three of them so far this month and they all fit that bill. The guy I talked to on the phone had the right voice so when I met him I was surprised. This guy looked like he should be hanging out with Jimmy buffet in a bar somewhere on an island. His hair was beach bum, the beard was definitely island style and I fully expected a surfboard on his truck. He informed me he just got back from Central America because a few friends’ houses had burned in the fire and they needed him to rebuild them. As we looked at the work he was doing for my neighbors I could see why they had asked him. What he was building was beautiful. We will see if it works out for us.

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