Love again???

Since I was on it yesterday, I thought I would continue on the theme of love. Yesterday, I had to do something I did not enjoy. Unfortunately we lost our chickens in the Black Forest fire and they had to be dealt with. They were my wife’s thing. If I have not mentioned it before we are Green Acres in reverse. ( You kids go ask your mom what Green Acres was?) So for her the loss of the birds was personal. She cried when we went to the house and saw them. So I as the loving guy went and dug a hole in the back yard and said I was sorry to them and covered over what my wife should not have to. Being a Nurse she gets all the health care issue and shots which I am not a fan of and I get all the animal disposal. That’s how it works, we work as a team to get done what needs to get done, not just what we want to get done. The other way it works is, I forget to do the thing I was supposed to, and she reminds me how I didn’t do it. It really is better than keeping a calendar! Isn’t love grand!

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