I love free stuff!

Stack Of Books Representing University Learning And EducationI love free stuff! I work at a place that creates tons of resources for event. These event happen and then if there is anything left over they put it on a shelf until they get tired of seeing the boxes and then they put it out for free! Sometimes it is books or DVDs other times it is tee shirts and posters. Sometimes they have the date of the event or the year they may be old but something inside of me wants me to get one. Or even two if they let me.  So what do I do with the things I pickup, put them on the shelf at my house till I put them in a box and then up to the attic. Why? Even if I don’t need them I can’t help myself, it’s free! What if I didn’t pick them up, I might need them. I am not to the hoarder stage yet but if they do a warehouse clear-out I think I might have to enlarge my attic or get a storage unit to store my new stuff!

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