The love hate with my cars!

10-1013tm-cart-transportationI am pretty sure that all my cars hate me! In the last three weeks three of them have been in the shop. Luckily this weekends troubles I could fix for myself or this would have been another week of waiting. The starter went out so I could call around and get one Sunday and I put it in last night. I hate taking my car to someone who is too busy to look at it for a few days and then tells me it is something I could have fixed but it will cost me multiple hundreds of dollars for him to do. The problem is if I don’t have the time to fix it I have to pay him to do it. I think of the stuff I could have done with the money I just paid. I could get the car a new paint job for what they charge to replace the starter. Except I would have to paint over the dents because I can’t afford to get them pounded out. This is why I drive a car from 1990, if it gets dented it is seen as character not a dent. Try that with a prius!

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