Lunch Meetings are the worst!

Overloaded Worker Having A NapOne of my pet peeves is when people schedule a meeting during lunch. Some folks abuse the fact that I am free during that time but that should be free time. If I want to sit at my desk and get work done or relax and eat it should be my choice. It is extra annoying when they don’t even feed everyone.  Too many times the meeting doesn’t even accomplish anything, you walk away like from so many meetings wondering why you even showed up? Blah, Blah, Blah! Most times it sounds like a bunch of sheep making noise but not much is being said. Can you tell this really annoys me? The other problem is me sitting here in this meeting, writing this while they all discuss how we should do things better. If they ask me a question they are really not going to get a good answer. Maybe I should have a better attitude but my stomach is not happy. Wait, pizza just showed up, maybe this will be a better meeting than I thought. Where is the meat lovers?

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