Try making a movie we will like.

liteicon_media_movieIt is not very often that I agree with any official statement from the Fruity Tootie land of North Korea. This is one of the last places on earth that lives in a constant fairytale of officially released dream world decrees. The dictator is a “god” and doesn’t have to use the restroom, oh and by the way can kill anyone on any day just for sport. They are not happy with a movie coming out which has the CIA plotting with reporters to kill the chief wakadoodle Kim jug of doom! They say Hollywood isn’t creating very good movies these days, which is where my agreement with them stops. I agree a lot of movies coming out these days are garbage but not because they are writing and producing comedies which have such amazing plots like the above mentioned movie, there have always been movies which didn’t have a plot or have a weak one. No Hollywood is going in two directions which are crushing any hope of making a reasonable movie. Everything is either a mega movie with stars and CGI which make the movie cost so much to make they will be lucky to turn a profit and the social statement movie which tries to tell the majority of movie goers that they are wrong to believe something is wrong. The blockbuster is a crapshoot the other is just a looser. Until they figure that out they will keep turning out the same old garbage.

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