A man and his chair!

Damaged office chairHow hard can it be to find a chair? The Dad chair as I call it, the chair I sit in and tell the kids to get out of, is on its last leg. I tried to repair it; I used a coat hanger to keep the broken spring in place. I also took a hammer to the other spring which came out of the clip that kept it in place. In the last three weeks I have flipped over the chair to put these fixes back in place twice but they just aren’t going to make it much further. So I went to the local warehouse of furniture to find a replacement. Can I find the same chair? Could they have any chairs in the same color? No! So keeping the perfectly fine ottoman is out of the question. Will they have a chair that perhaps matches the couch we bought there, no! I don’t remember spending that much on a chair the last time and I certainly don’t want to spend that much this time around either. This place has more salesmen than a car dealer and if another one asks me if they can help me I am going to kick some shin. After the third store I wonder how they can name a chair with a price tag that high a “Lazyboy”.  Perhaps a little more coat hanger and hammering will make my old faithful last until a neighbor puts their old faithful out at the curb. Then I could use it and mine to make one good one from the parts.

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