Man I feel old!

My oldest turned twenty-one on Saturday. Man I feel old! I can remember the emergency around him being born. He was two months premature so as you can imagine there was a lot of drama and worrying going on. We have three all of which had complications so each was a an emotional roller coaster when they were born. Thinking back on each of them, I don’t think today I would have the stamina to go through all that. I see in the news all sorts of people having children later and later. Tony Randell was in his seventies or eighties i think when he had his first child. Granted, with him and his wife it was a true love story. She was unable to have children so he waited till after her death to marry a 29-year-old who could. Yesterday I read Steve Martin’s wife just had a child. Steve is no spring chicken, and I don’t think his wife is all that young as well. Of course if I had the money to have someone else raise my children it would be different. I have run these kids to Church events and School Band programs for years. I volunteer to help set up for band competitions and was an Awana leader at church while they were involved. Today, I look at all they are doing and sigh! No way do I want to do that now. I would rather have a cup of tea and listen as they tell us all about the Band Camp or what ever else they just returned from. I am still involved in some of the stuff but I can’t do what I did when I was younger. Maybe I could hire whoever Steve Martin will use for the weekend, but I doubt I could afford it.

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