Marketing to Dummies!

I don’t know if over the weekend you saw the newest Toyota commercial. It starts with two guys sitting on a porch, one of them playing the guitar the other singing. The message of the commercial is that the world is in bad shape, but our cars are good! I don’t know who the marketing genius was who put this one together but I don’t think he will keep his job if this is the best he can do. Either that or they really think we are all idiots. Do they believe that having a specific car is going to make the world OK? Will going fast with our head out the window solve our problems? Maybe if I was a dog! Perhaps in the days of the Soviet Union you could have sold cars this way, but I don’t think that flies with those of us who have been around a while. I do not believe we have to accept that the way it is now is some kind of new “Normal”. This country was founded by people who refused to accept the way things were. They envisioned a better tomorrow and then went about making it happen at great personal expense. How can we now sit here and say, this is as good as it is going to get! I am not going to get political or tell you what to do, what I am going to say is it is time for all of us to do something! When marketing companies start using the fact that things are not good to sell you stuff, you know something is definitely amiss.

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