May the Angry Birds be with you!

People say the car you drive says a lot about you. I say the video games you play does as well. For example playing angry birds says you have a mean streak. You like knocking people down, either that or you have a thing for pigs. The Starwars version says you have a   need to choke people by brain power! Grand theft auto says you have a need for a better car or you lose your keys a lot. If you are like me and play age of empires you have a Napoleon complex, all thou I would say that I only really get to play it about twice a year so my complex is under control! Other games really don’t live up to the level of life changing so they say you have an inferiority complex. Really none of this makes any sense, and I have no knowledge of what it says about you? Well maybe, if you like pretty, pretty pony I might worry. For the most part they are all the same killers of time and brain cells. I suggest reading a book instead. Well for you, I’m gonna go shoot some zombies!

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