Men and Cars!

So I have taken one for the team. My wife needed a more economical car for all the driving she does for her job and I couldn’t exactly justify driving our old Ford F-350 diesel (12 miles to the gallon) around for mine. So we got her a little Subaru and I started driving the Grand Caravan. Yes me, the guy who dreams of a Toyota land cruiser with giant tires is driving around in a minivan! It isn’t like it is a Prius but lets face it, it isn’t very manly! I didn’t get too many comments about it but every once in a while someone would take a jab at the  old manhood. You know the jokes. Where is your man purse? Does your wife let you drive? Is that shirt pink or salmon? These don’t really affect me but you know if I could I would at least put some big tires on the van or paint flames or something to man it up. There are only a few things that say surrender more than a minivan, the above mentioned Prius or a purse size dog, but a minivan is hard to hide. I had taken it for the team till recently, when the kids car died. I got to hand the minivan down to them and went and bought a 1990 jeep wrangler. It is a project car, but I would rather drive a car that the doors are falling off that says “Man”. As long as it has 4 wheel drive I can live with the rest!

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