Men, Men, Men, Men!

menI have to say ahead of time sorry women but sometimes it is great to be a guy! When we do dumb things like hooking up a rocket to our kid’s loose tooth to pull it people applaud. When we take a perfectly good vehicle and turn it into some monstrosity with giant tires and engines people smile. When women do dumb things people must expect better because they usually shake their heads in a knowing sort of way. It is like they expect women to know better while guys are given a pass when the outrageous stunt fails. I have not seen women attempt to jump the snake canyon or seen YouTube videos of women bicyclist falling off of a railing and injuring reproductive organs. This is not to say they have not tried these things but when woman fail at these things it must not look as funny. I know that woman can accomplish just about anything a guy can do, and frankly they can do something’s way better. I just think that we guys are better at failing, because it very rarely stops us from trying the ridiculous again and most of the time our fellow men will still applaud or at least laugh.

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