When Microwaves rule the world!


When I was young my siblings and I got together and bought our parents a microwave for their anniversary. This was when they first came out and nobody really knew what they were good for. It was a massive meal and one thing, you could fit three casserole dishes in it, but as we all know making dinner in the microwave doesn’t always work out so well so we after a few failed experiments it was really used to reheat leftovers. Last night I went to reheat some leftovers in our microwave and realized after ten minutes of trying that it wasn’t working anymore. Am I going to try to fix it? No, for fewer than one hundred dollars I am going to go to Walmart and pick up a new one after work. That thing we bought our parents was expensive and we kept it for years, well past what should have been its lifetime. It took up most of the counter and probably was nuking all of us in the whole house. Now I will get one that fits on the shelf and will zap my food to molten lava in under a minute. House hold electronics and small appliances have become disposable for the most part. The cost of labor to fix them is more than the cost of Chinese children building them so off to the landfill they go. I just hope that they don’t ever put brains in them smart enough to realize that once they get to the landfill they will have unlimited parts to build themselves into giant robots and take over the world. Maybe I should cut back on the syfi channel watching for a while.

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