Mixed Emotions

For those who read this and don’t know. That covers one person. The Black Forest fire has burned up our neighborhood. As of last word our house is spared but all our neighbors homes are gone. Because the fire is still burning we can’t get into our home so we are in a waiting mode. It is surreal, we don’t even have picture of what our home looks like right now. We probably are not going to get back in for a while. Even when the do let us back in it is going to be like living on the moon. Nobody for miles around and all the tree’s we loved to live under will be gone. The good news is we got out with the important papers and we are all safe it is really what is important. It just feels weird to say we have been blessed. We are, but to see so many we know lose so much just doesn’t feel like we are. Time will tell how many rebuild or move and how many trees will be left, but for now I will pray with mixed emotions .

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