Modern Art?

Modern_artMy wife and I just returned from a trip to New Orléans. We spent a few days exploring the sites of the city since we had never been there before. It has some very interesting neighborhoods and cemeteries. On Sunday we decided to visit the City Park which has the botanical and sculpture gardens. I know that wandering through a free garden I am not going to see the most expensive or best sculptures, it was after all free. What I did expect is to see art. Some are interesting some are weird some are just stupid. Some Modern art is neither art or modern. When I was little we had an art class in which we were all give clay or paper with the idea of creating some master piece for our mothers. I can say that even though my mom didn’t smoke she probably received her fair share of ash trays created by me. While my mother treasured the gift, she should not have considered it art because of who created it and I know she still uses something at Christmas I made for her. It is not worthy of that kind of honor but it is my mom so she is sentimental about it. The piece shown in the post should not even be admired by this guy’s mom.  I am sure there is some story to this piece; the “artist” is from Iran so he probably has a story, but for it to be art it should invoke more than a call to the city dump for pick up. I think I left something similar on my curb before I left for vacation, I am sure he got more money for his contribution than I did from the recycler.

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