Mom gets all the credit!

I just got back from an event where all the graduating high school seniors had a capping event! Each one got to have someone put a cap on them as someone read out loud why that person was who they chose to cap them. There were the odd choices of a teacher or brother or sister and even a few friends and grandparents but overwhelmingly the choice was Mom. I know, mom gets the credit. Rightfully so! Mom, is the soft one. mom is the one who kisses your knee when you skin it or tells you it’s going to be ok. But as a Dad I would like to say a word on our behalf. We are the ones who tell you to dust it off and get up when your knee isn’t really that bad. We are the ones who yell the loudest when you screw up because we know you can do it better. We have to tell you to suck it up because once you are out in the world on your own no one else is gonna kiss it and make it better. While we don’t squeeze ya or tell you its OK, we think we are prepare you for the world you will soon be entering. My greatest reward will be seeing my children succeed when every thing is against them. When they get knocked down and they get back up over and over, I am going to smile and know I did my job! That will be my reward, and I will be happy to see it. Even if it doesn’t get me a hug!

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