Monarchy, smarnarchy!

crownWhy do most of the European nations still have monarchs? I mean really, these countries are mostly socialist or some other ist and it hasn’t been monarchist for hundreds of years. They trot these folks out when it is time to ruin a sporting event or when they are in need of a good parade. Every time they announce one of them is getting married the gossip sites and news are doing twenty-four hour coverage of the just the dress. Who Cares? These people haven’t done anything useful since they stopped putting head on pikes. I want to know why they still pay these people, if you really are a government for equality wouldn’t you send these free loaders packing? Instead I will be forced to listen to the back story of how this privileged golden spoon sucking clown got his millions the old fashion way. His great-great-great grandfather killed someone else for it.

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