Monkeys behaving badly.

Mostly because it is friday and I have to work on the day after a holiday, I decided I wanted to write something about monkeys. If you google monkeys you get a very studious collection of articles and facts mixed in with YouTube videos of monkeys behaving badly. Like the article telling you about the endangers species next to monkeys defecating, among other things, on cars at a wild animal park. Others include articles about why some have big red butts or large noses, which in my opinion should have been officially named inneedoftpicus, and jimmyduranticus next to articles about how we are cousins. One such article has video of monkeys using complex sounds which of course they formulate is how we developed speech. While I don’t agree with the notion we are descendents of these primates one has only to google “people” to get a very similar looking result. Amongst the thought-provoking articles about our very existence, to a listing of hollywood stars and others acting as if they are the ones in the zoo! Some days it is really hard to refute the visual evidence!

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