Movie Night!

popcornI like to read the book before I see a movie. I read the Hunger games trilogy before those movies came out and I think it helped me understand some of what was going on. Even the Lord of the rings movies had things in them that I would not have understood had I not made the effort to get through them. Tonight I am going to see Divergent with my daughter. I hope that this movie is better than the book. I read it but didn’t think it was all that great. Most of the book was waiting to find out what divergent meant and when it came to the action stuff, it was over really quick. It doesn’t have to be my favorite book for it to be a good movie. I have seen great movies from bad books, but I have also seen the opposite. It doesn’t take much to ruin a movie; the acting doesn’t have to be that bad it can be just the wrong actor in a role, Val Kilmer as Batman comes to mind. Whatever the case I go to fewer and fewer movies these days so when I do I hope they are worth the $9.50 plus surcharge I just paid. Maybe I should have picked the Muppet movie, at least at that movie I know what to expect.

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