Some movies I will just not see!

statueI watched the Oscars last night and I realized something, I have little or no interest in seeing some of the movies which won awards.  Some of these are not commercially successful movies they are the movies which try to make a statement about something. The problem is I don’t agree with the statements Hollywood is trying to make. Social commentary in these movies has mostly come down to telling me I am wrong, and while I admit that I am flawed I don’t believe in re-writing history or changing what has worked for thousands of years of human existence just because we now think we are better or more enlightened. I am not saying that discrimination or oppression of anyone is right, I believe we should show compassion and love to all, but I can disagree with the choices some people make. I don’t have to like or approve of everything you do. It doesn’t mean I hate you it means I think there is a different way, it also means that you don’t have to agree with me. So when a movie gets made that challenges what I believe, I have a choice, to see it because it brings up valid arguments to which I need to think about, or just stay home and flick the channels.

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