I Need a Nap!

Overloaded Worker Having A NapI feel like I am in a de-motivational poster today. I am working on things but it seems like I am traipsing through mud. I got to sleep too late and woke up too early for no good reason. I really don’t know how to get myself out of this funk. I have ingested buckets of coffee, eaten an energy bar and thirty-two ounces of water, still nothing. Even writing this took me a while looking at a blank document before I started to type. I need to figure out just what, short of electrical shock will get my motor running today. It sure would be nice to figure out how to have the same level of energy every day. That just doesn’t seem possible thou, there are too many factors involved, how much I exercised, slept or if it was a chocolate cake kind of night. Yesterday I was full of energy until they sang happy birthday to our department admin. They served cake which was delicious but after the initial sugar rush, I could barely keep my eyes open the rest of the afternoon. I think we could use a corporate napping room which would allow for a quick break so people could return refreshed instead of spending the rest of the afternoon dragging.

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