Natural birth?

The Today show this morning was a buzz with the impending birth of the “Won’t be King until he is 90” baby boy. This kid is so far down the line of the big eared king to be line I will be long dead before he sits on the throne. That is if there is even a throne to sit on at that point. They had no news of any kind so they trotted in every mouth piece they had to speculate on what was going on. My favorite was a doctor who said that Kate was choosing a natural child-birth. Really? Unless she is clinging to a pole in a dirt hut, natural child-birth is not what I would call it. Natural child-birth, this doctor commented could mean a spinal block for the pain. Don’t get me wrong, child-birth is hard no matter what you do, but calling what we do today as natural is funny. Even as recently as 50 years ago many more women had babies at home and the death rate of both baby and mom was high. To have them in a controlled environment with all the latest technology, heck even to have sterile tools and beds is, to put it bluntly, not natural.

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