Things in the News I just don’t get!

NX_coal_miner_shovel_frontI have found myself scratching my head a lot today over things in the news. Some of the things they print make sense like the weather. They can see clouds coming from the radar and satellite photos and so they can tell me what tomorrow is going to be like. Other things they say are just not adding up. Below is my list of top things I don’t get.

1. Global warming: A few weeks ago we had lows of minus twenty. The researchers that went down to study the ice got stuck and couldn’t even reach their destination. Al Roker on the today show has used the words Polar Vortex in every sentence since Christmas, yet politicians want to spend more and more money to fight it. How about we use that money to buy heaters for the homeless?

2. The Un-employment rate: In the same report they will say the unemployment rate has gone down and that we have fewer people in the work force than we did in the sixties. These two don’t jive unless someone is cooking the books! I know they use some useless formula to arrive at the number but let’s face it this number means nothing to anyone out of a job! They can tell me any story they want but I can look around at the people I know and tell you how unemployment is going, and so can all of us. I would like to know who is convinced these numbers are great?

3. EPA regulations: This one kind of goes with the whole global warming thing! We put more and more regulations in place for what we can do here, while countries like china pump out the pollution at 100 times the rate we do. The pictures I see show people wearing masks walking in black clouds around their cities. Does it make any sense to keep pushing to get rid of something someone else is just going to put back? Don’t get me wrong, being formerly from Southern California I have seen the effects of pollution, and I like clean air. It just reminds me of the old joke of the two guys digging, where one guy is shoveling dirt out of the hole while another is shoveling it back in, The net gain is zero, and in our case I think we can’t shovel fast enough to offset the 1.3 billion people shoveling on the other side.


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