No, I don’t want to see the clowns!

I do not like clowns! They freak me out. There always seems to be something just not right about them. Oh, I can see the painted on smile. It doesn’t fool me! You can’t change my mind about it by trying to get me to talk to them. When you get close they smell of cigarettes and alcohol. At least that’s what I imagine. You also see closely that they have painted the makeup over a five o’clock shadow which gives them another layer of creepiness. Of course no sane person would get that close to one. I think they all drive a white panel van that says “free candy” on the side of it. When you open the door a dozen of them pile out! They are employed by the circus to catch children and turn them into carnies. This is why the circus has never had much appeal for me. Like the animals and jugglers but I can’t watch them when I am keeping an eye on the clowns!

I know what your thinking. Bob, that is just irrational! You would say that, but you would be wrong. Those of us who hate clowns know better!

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