Not Everything is good for you!

Some things are just stupid. For example, playing with poisons snakes. You know that the odds are you are gonna get bit and when you do pain and sometimes death is going to follow.

Some things are unwise. Raising a lion as a family pet has worked out for some and for others it has not gone well, ask Siegfried and Roy.

Then somethings fall into the not really bad, and in some cases a toss-up as to the effect.

Eating pie for example, If I weigh 450 lbs. I really shouldn’t be eating pie, but a slice of pie with ice cream can be the answer to a really bad day.

Climbing trees is another example. As a kid I climbed my grandparents avocado tree in the back yard to get the last avocado so we could have grandma make us guacamole. Grandma made the best guacamole. So as I climbed further and further out on the thin high branch, being cheered on by my cousins, I should have understood that this was not a good idea. I did come to that realization but it was only after I lay on top of the trash cans gasping for breath from falling head first out of the above mentioned tree. Of course in the end, the guacamole soothed the pains of trash can contused ribs, and the experience while not necessarily good for me physically, ended up a good memory!

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