Not really a Prince

You ever read a headline on a website or newspaper and think, why is that even a story? Are there days that the news is so non-sesational that they have to make things up? Like this story. The artist formerly know as something other than Prince, who is now back to Prince, but really hasn’t done anything since he was called Prince the first time says he doesn’t own a cellphone and doesn’t want one. Why is this news? First of all, who cares? Most normal humans can’t live without one these days and as I have mentioned in previous post I am addicted to mine. By the responses I got from that post so are many of you. But this guy hasn’t lived in the real world since the eighties. While he doesn’t have one I can guarantee that at least one of the twenty people of his entourage have one and use it on a non-stop basis on his behalf. You can’t tell me this formerly normal wacka-doodle doesn’t scream to be taken care of by his minions making them run to get coffee or food or whatever else his heart desires. Unlike the rest of us who have to take care of ourselves, he doesn’t have to own a cellphone, he pays someone else to get a brain tumor.

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