Not Worth the Fight!

I read on a news site today that a guy in Connecticut is suing the local catholic church because he says the bells that they ring several times a day caused him and his wife to divorce. I get that divorce happens, but the bells of a church causing it? I think there was more going on here, if the bells could break you up, you had no place being together in the first place. This one is truly dumb, but If you ever read Anne Landers column you see some of the dumbest things people fight over. Below is a list of some I think I have solved.

  1. Which way the toilet paper comes off the roll. Over the top or under the back doesn’t matter as long as the person who finished the last roll replaces it. Leaving an empty cardboard tube should be outlawed in all states.
  2. Which set of relatives to spend Christmas with? Come on! Are you so stupid that you can’t share holidays? I love my family but I am not going to fall on my sword over a holiday schedule. Like they told you in kindergarten, share!
  3. How well your parents treat your spouse. I have good rule I just made up. The distance you live from your parents should be proportional to the treatment. Keep moving further away until the visits are at the right intervals for peace to be maintained. If you are both living with either set of parents, my condolences.
  4. Color of the bathroom towels. When we were registering for our wedding twenty-four years ago I pointed at the black towels she pointed at the pink. My thought was that they eventually end up black from me wiping my dirty hands on them, but hey, if they start out some other color I still win in the end.

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