Note to self!

So, this year like every year I need to remind myself of a few things before the year gets away from me. You know, those things I should aways remember like, always have on clean underwear when you get into an accident. Never mind what your body does when hit with a large trauma it is still a good thing because when you wake from the coma you can tell your mother that they were clean before it all went down. Maybe that isn’t a good example? I mean things like, try something new this year! I get stuck in a rut and I need to try new things. That is why I started this blog. I need to get better about writing and this is a good way to hone my skills. Second, I need to find new ways to tell my wife, I love her. If I keep doing what I did for the last twenty-two years it becomes a habit with no meaning. I need to express it in a way that makes her feel special. This is going to take some thought! I can’t just make it simple like re-wiring the home theater so she can figure out the remotes. No, it has to be something that will say she means the world to me, without the cost of buying the world. So knowing I am a man and frankly just don’t get women, I better start trying to figure this out today. It will probably take me till next Christmas to get it right!

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