Nothing more humbling than a Kenyan runner.

Yesterday I ran my first race. I never expected to win or even be near the top I just wanted to push myself and have fun. It was a ten-mile race and the first mile was a crowded run with everyone trying not to trip each other. Mile two it starts to thin out with the slower runners fading. I also started to notice I was passing people. those who had gone out in a burst of energy only to start falling off the pace they had set. Mile two had a big hill so so started to walk, and as I passed them I started to feel pretty good about myself. That was until mile three. On the hill on mile three I thought I was hot stuff until I caught a glimpse of the guy leading the race, he was already on his way back. this is where reality set in. Not only was I not hot stuff, as I found out today I was sixty something in my age group. I also found out I was beat by people in the sixty year old age group. Nothing can give perspective like reality! I ran a good race for me and I am happy with my time, all other expectations should be left at the starting line.

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