Now that is Manly!

I spent the weekend cleaning up our yard from the fire. I rented a backhoe and a dump trailer to haul all the ash and waste to the dump. Nothing says manly like big tools. Sitting in the seat, powering it up and scooping up all the burned stuff really gives you a charge! At the end of the day saturday I looked like I had painted my face black. I blew my nose and charcoal came out! That is manly! Of course, I also smashed my thumb, which any work around big tools or cars for me equals one finger damaged or bleeding, which of course, is also very manly! But the best and most manly thing was the demolition saw. This thing looks like a cross between a chain saw and a giant grinder. We had three trailers which needed to be hauled away so I broke out the saw and chopped them up into pieces. You start this thing up and put it up to the metal trailer and it cuts through the metal. It is a little scary, but when all the sparks start flying and the sound of steel giving way you can’t help but give a mighty grunt of manliness! After you have chopped a ten foot trailer into multiple sections watching it fall to the ground like small tree branches, your manliness quota is throughly recharged. Even if you don’t have trailers to tear down I highly recommend renting one. Maybe you could have a man party and invite friends, they would appreciate the recharging as well!

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