Ode to a goat herder!

Coffee Beans In A Mug Representing Pure Fresh Roasted Brewed CoffeeSo the story I heard of the discovery of coffee was that some goat herder saw his goats get all jittery when they ate the berries of an unknown bush somewhere in Ethiopia. How it got from that goat dude to the rest of the world I don’t know, but I am so thankful it did. Before coffee the drink of choice in most of Europe was ale or some kind of alcohol. People were walking around in a semi-stupor. They didn’t know why drinking water straight from the dirty polluted river made them sick, so boiling it and turning it into alcohol killed the bugs. Along comes coffee, which they could still boil the water but now instead of stupor they all had a caffeine buzz. I don’t need alcohol to walk around all day in a stupor, I wake up in that state every day.  I would drag my carcass around for hours grumbling under my breath about having to be awake and would probably have no motivation to even get dressed. Thanks to an Ethiopian goat herder, I get less sleep, more clothing, and more done every day.

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