Ode to printer support!

skyicon_74Nothing gets my blood boiling like trying to make printers work right. They are one of the most frustrating pieces of technology. Not only are they frustrating but the way people attempt to work with them makes them even more fun! If your job didn’t print the first time for example, why would you try five more times? If you walk up to the printer and the printer didn’t print your job, why would you not look at the display screen to see if there is an error message? If the printer has a jam, can you not look to see if you can remove the jam yourself? I get that some people are afraid of computers and printers. I also know that some people are like sledge hammers and they are sure to break something if they attempt to fix a jam, but let’s be real about the real priority of you getting the printer fixed now. I know your lunch directions or coupons for a free lipstick with your purchase are vital to the companies operations. I also am aware that your meeting which you waited till the last-minute to prepare for won’t be the same without your charts in full color, but unless your company only has one printer, you can get up out of your chair and walk to the next printer without much effort. As soon as I fix it you can get all five printings to fill the recycle bin with.

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