Ode to the Lunch Room Frig!

Our lunch room refrigerator has an all glass door. This is probably to keep us from filling it with garbage or letting it get too dirty, but it also allows for all of us to admire the social setting that is the office frig. As I take my measly lean cuisine in a Walmart bag and try to place it among the other lunches these are a few of my observations.

1.       The perfect salad maker. This lady spends more time on making her lunch than I do getting to work. This thing is a piece of art. The chicken and avocado are arranged like it is meant for a photo shoot. Salad dressing is in a container to the side as to not wreck the perfect setting. Even the wooden bowl she uses adds to the effect. The lettuce is never iceberg that would ruin the color filled glory. And how she finds perfect strawberries in the middle of winter I will never know. No matter how full the frig is there is always room for that salad right up front.

2.       The pizza box bringer. There is always room on top of all the other lunches for a full size pizza box. Even if there is only one piece in the box it is still easier than finding some way else to transport it to work. I sometimes wonder if I brought my lunch every day in a pizza box I would at least be able to get it in the frig.

3.       The condiment keeper. No matter how many times you go to Taco Bell it there will never enough to just throw away the taco sauce. Little caches of ketchup, mustard, honey and butter live on like a science experiment. These and the salad dressing and other condiments left from potlucks that are never classified as to public or private use grow and grow until a brave soul makes the move to either leave them by the sink or just toss them into the trash along with the mystery Tupperware.

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