A Little Olympic Truth please!

russiansWhen I was much younger a friend gave me tickets to a Stanford college football game. I don’t remember the game but I do remember the halftime show by the marching band. The announcer came on and said” the Stanford marching band halftime show is a salute to communism”. If you have ever seen the Stanford marching band they are a very disorganized group and never very serious so I found this comical. I was reminded of this during the opening ceremony for the Olympics last week. I didn’t expect NBC to slam the host country during the festivities, but to watch the revised history of the Soviet Union with a straight face was just as comical as the Stanford band. Even funnier is the story of the guy responsible for the Olympic rings that didn’t work during the ceremony, was found murdered. This was later found to be a hoax, but the reason it went viral is because we all could imagine it happening. I know we would not do an opening ceremony depicting the civil war or the Indian nations being rounded up or killed as part of it, but perhaps the announcers could have mentioned a little truth about the period in which they were depicting. I did manage to upset my daughter by asking every time I entered the room, did I miss the part where they killed the royal family? Or my other favorite, when do they get to the part where they send everybody off to work camps in Siberia?

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