Another Olympics, Another Controversy!

dancing-figure-021114-ykwv1Another Olympics, another women’s skating controversy! This is getting really old! Every Olympics no matter the country, no matter the skaters someone thinks someone got robbed! Other than the sport of boxing I don’t know of any other so riddled with speculation as to the outcome. Granted it would be hard to judge, skiing is the fastest down the course and the clock don’t lie. Even sports like half-pipe have tricks and subjective judging, how is it they don’t have the mess that figure skating does? Perhaps It is that there is more emotional attachment to the ice skaters than the skiers. People get really attached to these kids who are skating and want to see them do well. In ice dancing it is all artistry and some skating skill. You do have to stay on the skates and be able to switch back and forth, I am not a fan but I couldn’t do it. Ice skating is supposed to combine the artistry and the skill of jumping and twirling in the air. The issue for some is which is worth more points? If you can do some triple cow-cow toe loop with a triple smoothie (whatever!) but you look like a robot, is it worth more than if you have the grace of Princess Kelly? To tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less. Give me the woman’s hockey final from yesterday over all of it, I might not have liked the final outcome, but at least I am sure who won!

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