One Lowsy Direction!

I know I am no music expert, but the music of today does nothing for me!  My era was the 80’s. Not exactly known as the greatest for music but many bands that had come up in the 60’s were still around and hard rock was in. I saw some great shows “U2” in a 500 seat auditorium “the Who” in San Francisco. I also saw bands like “VanHalen” and “The Scorpions”. Some of the best shows were ones I saw in small clubs of people who were not so famous yet, Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughn were amazing and I look back on those as highlights of my youth. When I go to Pandora or Spotify and pick a genre, I pick the Eighties. Most songs remind me of a time or place from my younger days. Billy Joel takes me back to skiing with my cousins, others take me to High School. Today I have no connection to the music, most of it sounds like a remix of something I have already heard and the bands look like they put together by professionals.  When the kids of today get to my age are they going to look back at “One Direction” with the same memories I do of the English Beat? I can only hope they are getting more out of this music than I can see, otherwise Pandora doesn’t have much of a future!

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