Two Opposing Views!

Funny GiraffeOk, I probably shouldn’t find this funny but this week a zoo in Denmark had too many giraffes so they killed the weakest one and fed it to the lions. People were outraged over this decision and even started an online petition to get them to not do it. Now news is out that a second zoo is about to do the same thing. To explain, I don’t find the killing funny or that they let people watch the lions eat the giraffe, what I find funny is people reaction to what is essentially how the giraffe population is managed in nature. If people believe that we are a world of natural selection how does nature handle keeping the animals strong, by having predators pick off the weak. If they were in the wild these lions would be stocking them and attacking them when the opportunity presented itself. This giraffe would have been taken down already, and not in a controlled way. But when it happens in an environment we control, everyone is up in arms. This is what I find really funny; people want to believe the world to be both infinitely kind and infinitely cruel at the same time. You can’t think the world is just random and everything is just chance, and believe there is a God that cares and intervenes at the same time. These two views are opposites so they can’t be both true. In one view for the world to survive the weakest have to be eliminated in a “natural selection”. If you don’t think this is the view of some just checks out the articles medical ethicists have written lately, especially from Ivy League schools. However if you believe that life has worth, above and beyond its value to improving our species, then taking life means diminishing the value of every life no matter the ability. I choose to believe that life is infinitely valuable, thou I don’t put the same value in animals as I do in humans, but that is a discussion for a different day!

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