Our Stuff!

Self-Storage is a modern-day phenomena! I see these places popping up all over town and I am blown away by just how much storage is necessary? So let me get this straight, we buy bigger and bigger houses yet we don’t have room to store all our stuff? Of course the new house comes with a covenant which states we can’t store our stuff at our own house. Well maybe you can if it fits in the basement or behind the fence and can’t be seen from the street. So we buy a garage space so the three car garage at home maintains the approved parking spaces for the approved color cars and all the stuff that we are assembling to go over to the storage unit. If you are going camping don’t forget to go get the camper from storage, but not any earlier than 48 hours so the association doesn’t send you a letter stating you parked it at your house longer than the acceptable time. Yet with all these hassles and difficulties with all our stuff, the accumulation continues. I really need to buy one of these storage places, then I can charge others for their stuff and have room for mine.

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