Overheard at the Apple store!

I was at the counter waiting for the “genius” to bring me my new iPhone when a woman walked up to the bar and started talking to the kid in front of the counter. I could not hear the woman but I could hear the salesman “No ma’am your iPhone 4 can’t speak to you it doesn’t have that option. I’m not sure why your friends iPhone can talk to her maybe you should ask her. I believe you that hers is the same but the iPhone 4 doesn’t do that. The iPhone 4 didn’t have a powerful enough processor to handle that feature. You could buy a new iPhone but I don’t know what to tell you? No I am not lying to you! I’m sorry you feel that way! I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you? Would you like to set up an appointment to talk to someone about that?’ She then stomped off. This is why retail is a tough job!

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