pocketI can understand that in the days of Kings and queen’s measurements like the foot varied based on who was king. If you had a big guy as king you might end up getting a good deal, but today all measurements are the same an inch, foot, meter or what have you are controlled by standards and are set. So why is it I can order pants on-line in my size and when they arrive they don’t cover my socks they are so high? They also can vary from can’t breathe to slide off around the waist.  I know I work in IT but I don’t need my pants to look like I do. And while I am on the subject what is with the little pocket inside the pocket? All this is good for is getting my keys stuck so I have to turn the pocket inside out to get my keys out! Zippers can not be this complicated, yet some pairs of pants always return the zipper to the open position no matter how many times you check it and others slip into some secret zipper pocket which does not allow for a finger to get to the tab to adjust. Why some pants have three buttons versus just one, and variations like, one button and a hook. So as I look down at my ankles today and wonder how I didn’t see that these pants are showing off my socks, I should be thankful I didn’t have to repair my glasses with some tape, that would have made the look complete!

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