You aren’t paranoid, your being watched!

Businessman Holding Looking Telescope WoodcutI own a cheap set of golf clubs I bought twenty-five years ago at a going out of business sale. I think I bought a driver a few years ago but that is all I have and I didn’t spend over a hundred dollars on them. I figure if I go play maybe once a year they are good enough. The other day I went on to Amazons website and decided to look what a set of clubs would cost. After choking on the prices I went about something else knowing I wasn’t going to buy anything. The ramifications have been that every website I go to with ads on it, is now for golf clubs. Even the daily Amazon emails show me which clubs are on sale. I can laugh about it but what if I had looked at hemorrhoids cream this could cause some awkward situations! I get the marketing engine and how they are doing this but I don’t think everybody understands just how tracked we all are? If you think you are not being followed you aren’t paranoid enough! Today they know everything about you and  what you have bought and what you are looking at, any illusion of privacy is long gone. So consider yourself informed and act accordingly!

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