Don’t be that parent!

The Best Mom Mug With Sky Background Showing A Loving MotherLast night I went to back-to-school night for my daughter. This is the painful process of going to each of my daughter’s classes and hearing the teachers tell a group of parents how wonderful their class is going to be. The reality is more likely to be half of what they tell you won’t happen and when I email them to ask what is going on they will not respond or tell me things have changed from the utopia they told me about last night. Some of the classes were filled with parents while others seemed more like a poorly attended tea party. While most parents sat quietly listening and didn’t have much to say, there was always the one parent. One such overachiever walked in and asked the teacher if he remembered her son who was in his class several years ago. Never mind he had just met the new child and couldn’t remember that child, the teacher was kind but explained he couldn’t remember what he had for breakfast so it wasn’t going to be likely he remembered her little bundle of joy. Of course this did not deter wonder mom from describing hair color, height build and any other distinct features of her son. This became a painful event to watch, as the teacher continued to explain his lack of long-term memory. This did not end quickly making every other parent wait for super mom to finally buy a clue and have a seat! I am sure she is PTA president or some other amazingly involved parent but all I could think was how happy her child had to be not to be tagging along.

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