Perceived Value

I have a project to assign a value to what I and my department do. How do I do this? I can take the cost of everything we do and figure out what it would cost for someone else to do it? That would probably make my company give my job to someone else. The dollars would not add up. What if I assign some value based on perceived value. That is, what others think I am worth. That could be tricky. Depending on who I interview I could be worth millions or not a whole lot. Really most of my value, in my position comes from the guy who hired me. If he sees what I am doing as of value to him I get to keep my job. What about people, I have seen lists of what our body parts are worth. Is that the sum total of value? We perceive value based on what? I just saw a preview of a documentary on Indonesia. Over 1 million people have been killed since 1965. Could you assign a dollar value to 1 million people? How about to each one? If we calculate the value on the total we always come out lower than if we do the math on each person separately. The reason is we perceive more value in each individual than we do a group. This is always true, and it is true of you. Your value, our value, is not measured by the whole of humanity but by the individual, and it is way more than you think.

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