Perplexing barista questions?

How is it I can tear apart a computer fix it and put it back together with only an extra screw or two left over but I can’t figure out a Rubik’s Cube? I am smart, well at least I think I am! Those darn things just kill me! I fixed the brakes on my car and did a complete tune up on it as well, so why does a 1000 piece puzzle make me cringe? I don’t know why but things I think I should be able to master are sometimes more than I can grasp. Is it a left brain right brain kind of thing? I don’t know, but sitting in Starbucks watching the coffee snob, or barista as they are known making some fooiechino I can’t even pronounce looks like rocket science. How can this possible college student, possible low life goal person make a coffee drink which the Mercedes driving, middle-aged woman just ordered so quickly and not get it wrong. If I made it, it would probably be returned with that look I get when I burn the hamburgers on the barbecue. Then again, I can cook a mean frozen patty on my Walmart grill. Take that, soul patch barista kid!

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