We always hear about the bad stuff. The news at night rarely if ever tells us about the incredible things individuals are doing to make a difference in the world. I ran into a volunteer who for the last 5 years has helped to put on a prom for teenagers with special needs. Nobody would recognize her out on the street as a hero. She won’t ever be in a parade for her work. Yet every year she is faithful to help plan the event, and is there to greet those who come to share in what is the highlight of their year. She isn’t asking for praise, she is doing what she feels will make a difference in the lives of other. The secret in all this is what a friend described to me yesterday. He had come to the realization that helping others is the secret to helping ourselves. When we volunteer and commit to serving others we end up being the ones who are served. We find out our problems really aren’t that big. We also find out that what little or a lot we have is a blessing that we should cherish. Serving others gives us perspective that we so desperately need, and will never get from the evening news!

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